Pastor Ben Pruitt

Bro. Ben Pruitt was elected as Pastor at Word of Life Tabernacle in June, 2020. Originally from Nevada, Missouri, he was raised in a pastors home, and has been involved in ministry his entire life. At the age of 12 Bro. Ben felt the call to the ministry and began preaching in his local church. by the time he was 18 years old he had evangelized and assisted in several churches, including in Mountain Home, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas. He met his wife, Brittany, while ministering at a church in Alton, Missouri. God blessed their union with three wonderful children: Peter, age 13, Esther, age 11 and and Melody, age 7.

In 2006, Bro. Ben was asked to Pastor Fellowship Tabernacle near West Plains, Missouri, after several fruitful years, he felt to leave there and attend Living Word Tabernacle in Gibson, Missouri. The family remained at Living Word Tabernacle for nearly a decade, and he worked as the assistant pastor with Pastor Bill Ivy, as well as youth pastor and evangelist, while working full time as a land title examiner. During this time he had an opportunity to travel to foreign lands and preach the gospel, including Togo and Benin, in West Africa, and the Philippines.