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Sermon TitleMinisterDate
Word of Inspiration Bro. Darrell Ward March 1, 2020
He's In The Ship Bro. Darrell Ward February 29, 2020
Spiritual Revelation Bro. Andrew Glover January 25, 2020
The Mystery of Translation Bro.Josh Bennett November 17, 2019
A Believer in contact with his Maker Bro.Josh Bennett November 16, 2019
How Readest Thou Bro.Josh Bennett November 15, 2019
Through Pharaohs' Eyes Bro. Aaron Olgsby March 8, 2019
Fulfillign the Original Pt.2 Bro. Aaron Mcgeary November 17, 2018
Bearing The Evidence of Who You Are Bro. Keith Reid July 22, 2018
The Token Is The Difference Bro. Keith Reid July 21, 2018